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From: Egroup100 <>

Sent: Saturday, 13 July 2013 7:52 PM
Subject: SRILANKA MUSLIMS- Mosque attacked in Mahiyangana  

Some unknown people believed to be BBS Sinhala racists attacked the Mahiyangana Mosque last night (13 July 2013).

Surprisingly power was cut in this area and 6 masked people entered the masjid threw rocks and broke windows then entered into the masjid, they have left head of a pig and its meat inside the mosque to insult Muslim’s place of  worship. Trustee of the masjid Mr Seeni Muhmmad was too physically assaulted by chille powder.
A full investigation is demanded and people are keen to know actions to be taken by the government. Will the government again tell Muslims to be calm?
Sri Lankan government cannot continue to ignore BBS and other racist elements to continue their atrocities towards other minorities.